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DSU Project Group 3

In this project, we work with our Co-designer, who is visually impaired. we want to bring added value to his life with our design.

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The Research Phase

Conduct Interviews and Research Co-Design

In the research phase, we included the background research about physical impairment, possible Co-design method, the interview with our Co-designer.

After this session, we got a general understanding of our Co-designer so that the design challenge is getting clearer.

"Help the user organize and find everyday objects (in a way that is also inclusive of other target groups/a wider target group)."

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Building the Prototype

With the prototyping, our goal is to have a functioning prototype incorporating the actual shape and a supported app.

After testing the prototype with our co-designer, some generic finding were got from it to further evaluate the product.

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Co-Designing the Product

Our co-design session started with a brainstorming session, in which we explored different paths toward the solution, and made those rough ideas into clay prototype.

Our co-designer was invited to test out the clay models and walk through several scenarios and share his thoughts.

In the end, the product is being defined as a smart shelf with a tracking function.

The Final Product

Shelfing SMARTER

Join us to see what is the main features of our design and different user scenarios!

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User Evaluation

The Final Feedback

We had a second in-person meeting with our co-designer to present the prototype to him, and receive his feedback.

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