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Context Mapping Study



The designed End-users (LHON)

The end users we design the product for are all people who have LHON and the symptoms that come with it.


The other End-users

Other end users are those who don’t have LHON, but for whom the product is also useful. Think of people who also have a similar disability, visual impairment or blindness.

Literature Research Insights 

  • Disabled people still aren’t fully accepted or integrated into society.

  • There is increasing attention towards young adults with visual impairment. 

  • Insight on possible co-design methods.

Co-designer's Main Frustrations: 

  • Taking notes

  • Finding items

  • Going shopping

  • Finding the bus

Co-Design Methods

A big part of the context mapping study was research on successful co-design methods with visually impaired participants. Through the study, we managed to get a good overview of the possibilities and then decided on a few that would serve us the best throughout our process. To see what we did, see our co-design session.

Context Mapping Study: Text
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