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Meeting Our Co-Designer

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What type of visual impairment does he have?

Our codesigner has  5% sight right now, due to a genetic disease called Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. He had normal vision until his 21st, where his sight went from 100% to 5%. He can't see any details, read, see details on a screen and he cannot indicate faces or emotions on people's faces. Despite these difficulties, his mobility is pretty okay and he is quite self-sustaining

Who does he live with?

He lives with his cat, 2 sons and his wife.

What are the major obstacles in his daily life?

A big obstacle is groceries, he prefers to not do them. He has trouble finding the products and also doesn’t know which path he is on when in the supermarket. When he needs a certain brand it takes forever to find and needs to scan all products with the app. He sometimes asks a person from the supermarket but prefers to just find it himself.

For eating he also has some struggles, it is hard to recognize if the ingredients are ready to eat and choosing food when ordering in a restaurant is hard, since he can’t read menus. He does not always cook for himself, he cooks about twice a week.

Transport is another thing he has trouble with. A problem is finding the right bus station, since it isn’t announced which perron is for which bus. So he needs to figure out where to go

The Persona

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